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About Surfside

Your first painting priority should be the exterior. The exterior of your home is its protection from the elements, and deserves careful protection. When the paint shell is intact and all cracks are caulked (and the roof is in good condition without leaks), the integrity of the structure is protected from water damage, thus protecting the finish and decoration of the rooms inside.

The occupants of this home were ill from mold, despite a new roof. When Surfside Painting began to prep, we discovered a rotted windowsill. We recommended a carpenter, and moved our work to another side of the house while extensive rot was repaired.

The rot began with a leak in the oval attic window, and water ran down inside the walls undetected. With new boards in place and the attic window rebuilt, Surfside Painting can begin work. The new clapboards were primed before and after installation.

Not only does the house look beautiful when the job is finished, it is now watertight, and the occupants are regaining their health.

Preparation is key to a superior paint job. Pressure washing, scraping and sanding a dirty and peeling surface allows the primer to adhere properly. Dirt or oily deposits (from nearby traffic) on the surface interfere with adhesion, as does salt - always in the air in this area. Pressure washing saves time and effort scraping and sanding.Though proper prep can take longer and cost more (depending on the condition of the house) than a coat of paint, it is necessary to the beauty and longevity of the finished paint. Surfside painting preps carefully, often catching unrelated problems in the structure and bringing them to the homeowner's attention so that they can be fixed.

Prepping begins. Bush and driveway are covered with a drop cloth. Clapboards and trim will be sanded with sander in lower left.

Pressure washed and sanded, garage is ready for solid stain on body and prime and 2 top coats of paint on the trim.

Finished paint job is new and crisp.

After the prime coat, careful caulking is important for keeping the water out and heat in.

Prepping of entrance trim has just begun. Note that siding has not yet been pressure washed.

After pressure washing and stripping down entrance, it is ready to paint.

Finished door and an inviting entrance.


Shutters are falling apart and covered with layers of cracked, peeling lead paint. Some are held together only by the old paint.

Paint is melted with a heat gun and scraped off the shutter. Surfside Painting repaired the shutters after stripping them.

With 2 prime and 2 top coats of new latex paint, the shutter is much lighter. Here Sue takes it up to give its window that finished look.


From flagpoles to clothesyards, from cellar bulkheads to cupolas, Surfside Painting can take care of the details of your house's exterior.

This flag pole survived the '38 hurricane in Watch Hill and had many coats of paint. It was lowered by Shawn Monument's crane, and Surfside Painting stripped it to bare wood and applied 4 coats of new paint.

An example of Surfside Painting's attention to detail, and unique flair. Note that the cables are painted to match the colors behind them.

After pressure washing, Sikkens sealer is applied to a clothesyard fence and gate in Weekapaug.


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